About Us

As high school students from Spanish Fork, Utah, we consider ourselves pretty close to expert in the field of flowers. Teens know everything, after all, and flowers are no exception. Speaking in seriousness, though, the Flower Dictionary came from our desire to share the things that we know about the meaning of flowers. So many websites claim to have answers to different types of flowers, or the meaning of the color of flowers, or even to claim a comprehensive alphabetical list of flowers—but the Flower Dictionary has us as its creators. The way we think about it, flowers get their closest scrutiny in the teen years. Once you start seriously dating and eventually get married, about the only flower you need is a red rose (and, occasionally, a dozen of them). People forget what other flowers mean. Between junior proms, senior balls, homecoming dances, winter formals, and a host of other social events, the four of us—Jeff, John, Scott, and Wyatt—all have hands-on experience in getting the right flower. After all, if one of us got the wrong flower, the girl just might find our site and find out. It’s better to get it right up front, and nobody can get it more right than we can at the Flower Dictionary.

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