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The names of all flowers mean something special. Names of flowers usually don’t happen by accident—though there might be a funny story behind some different types of flowers—but different kinds of flowers mean different things. Here are meanings behind of some of those names of flowers.

Whether it be at a party, horticulturist convention, or over dinner, you can impress someone by knowing the names of all flowers. (Even without knowing all flowers, you can remember the meanings behind some of these kinds of flowers.) Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? So choose one of the flower names above, read on, and decide!                     
There are so many names of flowers out there in the world it is hard to keep them straight. If you look at the Rose alone for each color there are around 10 different names to name each shade of that color. This is quite amazing especially if you are trying to figure out what name of flower that orange star shaped flower you saw in a store window.

This has to be one of the worst feelings ever, you see the most beautiful flower in the world. Or at least at the time it seems that it is, but you can’t find it anywhere, mainly because you ask people if they know what the flower name is when you describe it to them. They may know a name, but then when you search it up, guess what! It really wasn’t the real name, no one used that names of flowers for that flower before besides that person down the street who you got the name from. Something that is equally frustrating is not being able to find your coupons for all your favorite “Name” brand items like SchickL’Oreal, and Pizza Hut. While you still may not be able to figure out the names of your flowers, at least you’ll have your coupons handy!

Names are important, they are what separates a rose from a lily on a piece of paper. Unless there is a picture of each flower you need to know the names of the flower. Well, here at flower-dictionary we have all the names on a piece of paper for you, the lucky thing for you, is that you can click on the name and have the picture right there so you can know if it is the flower you wanted or not.

Unfortunately we didn’t put down all the names of flowers onto our dictionary. You might find it cruel that we don’t have all the names but for our sanity sake we decided to go for the most common name. Instead of having 20 names for one flower we discovered the most common name used for that flower and stuck with that. Of course if we wanted to throw everybody off we could have used their Latin names. For some of the flowers it might seem easy like rose is rosa, but what about Liliaceae for a lily? This certainly would be fun for us though.

We decided for the names of flowers we wouldn’t use their Latin names because we didn’t want all the complaints that would come from it, so here we are your own list of flowers. Next time you want to know what that amazing flower was that you found, come to us. Of course you have to have the patience to go through the thousands of flowers we have up on our site. Just go one name at a time and maybe, just maybe you will find that flower and you will be able to prove to your friends that you really aren’t crazy. It does exist! Then they will just point out how much time you spent trying to find the name of the flower and say that you are crazy, but deep down inside you will feel better because you know what is important, the names of flowers. Don’t look back to the old days when you didn’t have a dictionary for your flowers. 

Just like you shouldn’t look back at the good ‘old days before Flower Dictionary, same thing goes for clipping coupons with scissors! Gone are the days of cutting, soring, and storing. With coupons for your favorite RazorsShampooLotion and even Pizza, you’ll never have to pay full price again! 

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