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Carnations were known as “Jove’s flower” in ancient Rome, after the greatest of their gods. Some scholars continue the Mediterranean connection and say the name “carnation” originated as either “coronation” or “corone” (a flower garland) due to its use in Greek ceremonial crowns.Others debate different sources of the name “carnation.” Because of its fleshy color, some think that the name comes from the Latin carno or carnis, meaning flesh. From there, others have suggested that its religious associations mean the name comes from the Latin incarnatio, referring to the incarnation of God in the flesh. In all cases, carnations certainly bear a regal name.

When you think of Carnations what comes to mind? I hope it is bouquets. Have you seen the types of bouquets that can be created thanks to Carnations. It is amazing, how well these beautiful flowers can flow together with each other with all the different colors. Not only colors but also the shades of colors, the different combinations are limitless.

It’s no wonder when you search for Carnations you find gorgeous arrangements. If a girl, mother, or even mother-in-law was given a vase full of these flowers their heart ends up going out to you. Not in the same way roses do, roses are for the romantic relationships, Carnations are for the building of a respectful relationship that is held up by friendship.

It has been said to win any girls heart give her flowers, this is true with these elegant flowers. Maybe not in the same way of swooning her over, but definitely in a friendship. As life goes on, it becomes increasingly easy to buy and send flowers, I don’t even have to leave my seat and I could have the flowers paid for and on their way to who ever I felt like.

As easy as delivering flowers is it does become harder than it used to be to pick out the right flower. It seems every time you go to your favorite flower shop either online or in person there is always new colors, or new types you can buy. How are we supposed to know which flowers to get for who. What if the flowers are meant as a thank you, are roses appropriate then?

This is when Carnations step up, for any reason you can find to send flowers these ones work. Not only for thank you, but as just a gift saying that you were thinking about them. It may seem to that person that you put a lot of thought into your gift, even though all you did was go to the best type of flower to send.

Next time you are trying to decide between the thousands of flowers to send make sure you take them all into view, before you go to these flowers, you might find a flower you like. The only disadvantage to this technique, is the problem that what you like isn’t necessarily what the person you are sending the flowers to wants. These flowers can become anyone’s fall back.

No matter what event you are looking for flowers, consider Carnations, you might be surprised at how many different things these flowers can create. Whether it is a giant heart, a bouquet, just a plain arrangement for the table, or even to go on top of a casket at a funeral. These flowers seem to do the perfect job for everything, next time you can’t decide on what flowers to choose go with these ones.

Now that you know these flowers are the perfect flowers go look at the different colors and assortments that are out there and make sure they are the right ones for the right event.

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