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Chrysanthemums are perennials of over 30 species types. These “mums” as people call them were first discovered in china. They have thirteen different bloom forms, that range in variety. These thirteen bloom types are: Exotic, Spider, Spoon, Brush and Thistle, Quill, Intermediate Incurve, Irregular Incurve, Regular Incurve, Reflex, Decorative/Ornamental, Single.

Not only are these flowers great to look at but they have Medicinal properties and Tea possibilities that some people tap into.

These flowers are extremely bright, and magnificent. A lot of people like to put these flowers in bouquets or in arrangements to have on their table. With the thirteen different blooms and each bloom has an assortment of colors you can have an arrangement or bouquet just made out of chrysanthemums. These flowers are great to have around, the smell makes everyone enjoy sitting around them and they bring a sort of cheerfulness to the atmosphere.

Of course there are countless colorful flowers out there what makes these flowers so great are their blooms. Some have huge blooms when looked at make you feel as though you have shrunk down because there is no way a flower could bloom that big. With how big the blooms are it just adds more color to the arrangements and bouquets. These flowers are definitely not the background flowers that complement others to stand out. If you try to make these flowers the background you will inevitably make the background flowers the main event.

Another great thing about Chrysanthemums is the way other flowers can complement them to make them stand out even more. If you throw in a few Daisies and Lilies in the bouquet your Chrysanthemums are going to appear as though they are the greatest types of flower anyone could have. This doesn’t mean that the Daisies and Lilies are going to be seen as ugly and make the Chrysanthemums seem amazing. The Daisies and Lilies still hold their beauty, but they become the harmonizer instead of the flowers needing other flowers to make them stand out.

Not only are these flowers great for bouquets and arrangements but they also happen to be some of the easiest perennials to grow. For optimal growth it is best to plant them in early spring time but these flowers can really be planted at almost any time of the year.

If you decide to grow these perennials just make sure you take proper care of them, weed the soil around them, make sure their roots have time to attach to the soil before the scorching summer sun gets to them and try and keep them deadheaded.

When choosing where to have chrysanthemums, the most popular arrangement in a garden is to have them in a “bed” all in one big area instead of having these flowers line up a porch in single file line. These flowers look great in arrangements and bouquets because they are grouped together with multiple flowers. When this flower is alone it doesn’t look as great, and that is the downfall to these perennials. Make sure that these perennials are in a group of flowers.
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