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Daisy is a name that applies to several species of flowers (and a cartoon duck). This name does not easily limit the taxonomy, though; the name liberally includes an entire family of flowers, named Asteraceae, which incorporates the genera of most chrysanthemums. The actual name “daisy” originated as a contraction of “day’s-eye,” having to do generally with the color of the flower (as well as the fact that some will close at night and open at morning). The earliest reference of the name found by the Oxford English Dictionary dates c. 1000 AD. Daisy is a name that has been around for a long time.

Daisies are the classic flower in pictures. Sure you can have orchids, roses, or lilies in pictures but when you think of a flower that you saw in a picture usually it is a daisy. With the perfect petals to count off “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not…” this flower has made countless scenes in movies.

When looking at a daisy some people might ask, “what’s so great about Daisies? They look like any other plain flower.” But that is what makes Daisies. Their simplicity, this flower is beautiful because of how simple and majestic it can become. If you had an arrangement of these flowers on your table you would instantly know the season must be summer, and it is relaxation time.

For some reason these flowers have that effect, maybe it is because of how simple and matter of fact these flowers are. They just shout out, we are beautiful, we know it, you know it, so why try to look beautiful.

After having yourself surrounded by other flowers it is nice just to have the simplest ones around, they make you feel as though you are in control, and it is time to be lazy.

Of course some people do not like this type of feeling, they want everyone to feel as though they need to always be moving around helping where ever they can, and if there is no place to help then you make it. This is what makes Daisies so majestic, they can be all alone in an arrangement or else you can have them with other summer flowers. Once they are with other flowers there is a new feel about them. Somehow these flowers can adapt to the other flowers in their arrangement and play off of the feel those flowers create.

This is what makes Daisies so loveable. Anyone can become a florist with them. You throw these remarkable flowers in with any other flowers and somehow everything looks great. You don’t need to know everything about flowers to make a great bouquet, in fact you don’t need to know anything. All you need are Daisies, they will make it so your piece becomes more than art, but a masterpiece.

If there were a class all about flowers, the first tip would have to be, use Daisies until you know what you are doing. Even after you know what you are doing, still go back to this flower to remember the times when you relied on the simplicity of the flower to make the arrangement instead of the complexity.

If you want these flowers to just be a side to the main event use colored Daisies, if you want them to be the main event us the white ones. Just make sure you have all the colors complementing and coordinating between each other. If you have them contradicting each other then your flower piece will still turn out, however, some people who know flowers might look at it and wonder what you were thinking when you put those flowers together.
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