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Symbolism of the Lily

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The names of different lilies come from many sources. The scientific name of lilies, Lilium, is Latin and derives from Greek leirion, a type of lily generally identified as the Madonna lily. The English name of this lily comes from its inclusion in Medieval paintings of the Virgin Mary. The names of other lilies often pertain to their location. For example, Lilium columbianum, the Columbia Lily or Tiger Lily, is named “Columbia,” a term often indicative of America, because it is native to western North America. “Tiger Lily” is the name of a character in Peter Pan, showing that names of flowers are everywhere.

What do you think about when you hear the word lilies? Maybe of a Calla lily or water lily. There is of course just the plain lilies. This flower is amazing, in itself you could probably consider this flower as one of the largest varieties on the world. The great thing about lilies are the colors. Be it Vibrant orange or Pink, maybe even the white star shaped flower with the pink coloring in the middle.

No matter which lily you picture there are lots of important things to remember about lilies than just the looks of one. As the first step to any plant is just that planting it, you need to remember to set the seeds 12 to 18 inches apart and 4 to 6 inches deep. This will create the optimal sight of the flower as they come out of the soil and bloom.

Next comes watering the soil. To have optimal blooms you want to water the bulbs the second they have been covered. Making sure that the bulbs actually get the water, you might need to add a little more water than you would for shallower flowers.

That is about all you need to worry about when taking care of you lilies. That is to say that you are watering the flower once to twice a week. The amount of water you need varies, but if you are keeping the lily in a place that stays around 75 degrees then you need to worry about watering the plant as much as needed to keep the soil moist for most of the day. Another tip would be misting the flower once or twice a week this will keep the petals fresh and lively, however, if the sun is out and the tempeture rises you need to account for evaporation. Take this into consideration as you water your lily, for each degree higher you might need a little bit more water. This also includes how much you water your lily, if there is more evaporation coming from the flower itself you may need to water more than you were before and misting the flower might require more than once or twice a week.

As far as fertilizer goes, it isn’t necessary but a little never hurt anyone.

There is also the possibility of transporting the flower, this is really easy when the flowers Stems have matured more, however, when they are just shoots you need to be careful because they are fragile and can break really easily with out knowing.

So, when you get ready to transport the lilies make sure you have another pot ready to put the flower in. You need to carefully dig around the plant, get down past the roots and move the flower quickly into your pot immediately followed by some watering. With the watering it will make the roots take hold of the new soil, and give it a higher chance of survival.

Now that you know there are vibrant lilies out there in the world and how to grow them, go out find some and have some fun. Unless you’d rather order them, then there is always that option.
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