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The number of species named or related to orchids number about four times as many species of mammals—these names abound! According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest use of “orchid” was in 1843; however, these plants went by the name orchis as early as 1559. Orchid and orchis are names borrowed directly from Latin; however, Latin borrowed the name from a Greek word meaning “testicle.” This had reference the shape of the tubers, which are frequently paired. This gave rise to the name “dogstones” for one species of British orchid, Testiculus canus, once again receiving a name due to the shape.

You know anyone can give a rose or a dozen of roses to their loved one. However, what truly stands out are Orchids. Not only do these flowers shout that you love someone, they also state other things. Deep Red Roses say that you have passion for someone, but passion can die out really quick, not only can it die out but it can state that you are looking for something your loved one might not want.

Orchid tell your lover that you respect them, that you see them as a person and want their love, not their lust or passion that will last a week or so, but their long term love. This little trait to this flower makes this flower one of the most important flowers you can give to a lover.

Not only respect and love comes from Orchids, but also complementing her beauty. When you give your lover a rose, you are telling them that you love them, and want them to love you. When you give Orchids you are saying “You are beautiful, and I just wanted to give something to you that will match that beauty.” When a girl receives a rose she will be ecstatic, it is true but she soon forget about them until she sees them again. This will continue on through out the lifetime of those roses.

You give Orchids and she won’t be as ecstatic as she would be roses, but as the day goes on those flowers will always be there in the back of her mind through out the entire day. The next day she doesn’t get bored of thinking about them, why? Because orchids, are unique in giving. Not only that but this action shows that you were thinking about her. In her mind it might not seem like you thought about her for a few minutes and sent her flowers, it will seem as though you have been thinking about her for days, maybe even weeks and you decided to show that through one of the most elegant flowers on the market.

Orchids come with a certain innocence to them also. They make life seem as though it has slowed down to just that moment, the day goes on but it seems like a week by the end of it. There is a magical ability this flower has about it, one that is used to sparingly.

With such power behind a flower you would imagine it shooting up in price, high in demand, extremely rare to find. But this beauty is a secret to most, those who do know the secret will all agree that it is better this way. With fewer people in on the potential this flower has, the image doesn’t get ruined. It is the same concept with the word beautiful, you call a girl beautiful instead of hot, or sexy and it will mean so much more to them. The reason for this? It is so seldom used, probably because of the length of the word, but that just makes this word ten times better.

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