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Types of Perennials

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Perennials are plants that live more than two years. While the name does not apply to particular names of flowers, it is often used as a collective name in gardens and at nurseries. The name “perennial” comes from Latin. Per, meaning “through,” combines with annus, meaning “year,” to reflect the nature of these plants. Perennials are defined because they regrow more than two years, appearing to die in the winter before springing from their root stock in a warmer season. Roses are one such plant that falls under the name perennial. “Perennial,” ultimately, is a name applied to flowers based on location and climate.

Perennials are often seen as the greatest flower to grow at home. They are easier to keep alive, no matter how many you plant you are always surprised with what colors you are given, and they often come in bulk.

These flowers can be seen as either a beautiful flower which no one can believe isn’t sacred verse a flower that looks very similar to the weed next to it. Lots and lots of Perennials appear all over, the key is to finding the ones that everyone wants to pick to put on their table, not to throw away.

First thing to consider is color, if you have Perennials that are all the same color you run into the chance of getting bored of them, wanting to try something new, and just taking for granted the wondrous beauties they offer. You want to keep a variety of colors in the same area, this way you never get bored with what you are growing, you can put together some of the most beautiful summer arrangements for your table, and you are excited to see how they come together with nature as the hand that guides them up.

Second thing to consider is the water intake. Do you want the more drought-resistant Perennials? Or the ones that suck up all the water that you provide. The first thing to consider in this is what the climate is like around you. Particularly during the summer. During the summer is a time of beauty for some flowers and a time of death for others. Another thought goes into how much work you are willing to put into these flowers, are you willing to water them when they need you to, or do you want nature to take care of all your needs for you.

The amount of potential these flowers have can astonish anyone. You can make your house look as though it is straight from a fairytale with flowers leading up your porch complementing that brick or wood house of yours. However, if Perennials are left untouched they can have the same effect in a negative way. Where it looks as though your house is the wicked witches house with those flowers and weeds are just waiting for you to get close enough to pull you in and make you disappear forever.

Don’t destroy the potential Perennials have, let them loose, but take care of them, make sure you water them enough to receive the maxim blooming, Deadheading them. We know deadheading sounds gruesome and horrible but it actually cleans up the flowers a lot, all you are doing is removing the spent flowers saving more energy for the plant and keeping it healthy all the while keeping your flowers looking clean and sharp. Mulching is also important especially when you are planting your Perennials. If you keep fresh healthy mulch that looks great and keeps the moister in the soil to keep the plant happy you become happy. You need to check your mulch from time to time to make sure it is staying full and doing it’s job.

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