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Rose Types

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This perennial comes in over 100 species of flowers. The symbol of the rose has impressed the hearts of humanity for millennia. The Latin word rosa gives the basis for the current name; however, this name passed through Oscan, colonial Greek, Aeolic, Aramaic, Assyrian, and Old Iranian before becoming rosa. Chronologically, the word began as war, then ward, warda, vard, wurtinnu, wurrda, wrodon, rhodon, and, finally, rosa. When Juliet asks, “What’s in a name?”, she’s right in one sense: “rose” has always signified only the flower and nothing else. However, the name “rose” has taken some work to reach our day.

Rosa or more commonly known as Roses, are probably the most popular, known, and sought after flowers. With over 150 different types of Roses, you shouldn’t be surprised. However, did you know that these flowers weren’t always so easy to find. With their rich history, in fact in the seventeenth century they even became a type of currency because of how rare, and prized these wonderful flowers were.

Life certainly is different now, with Roses at any grocery store, or floral store they seem to be all over the place. The strange thing is, even though buying these beautiful flowers has become so incredibly simple to the point where you do not even have to leave your chair at your office to order and send them. They still haven’t been an item you see given all the time.

Sure there are those times when the guys go out and buy Roses for their girls, when it is valentines day and the prices are for some reason tripled than they used to be the week before. Anniversaries are big times also to have such flowers given. Yet there is one question that hangs in the air. Why on these events is it seen as the mans job to give the flowers? There are mysteries in life and this is one of them. It all seems to come down to the fact that men are seen as the rough figure and would much rather be given a movie than a dozen stems off of some plant that is going to die in a few days.

These flowers do amazing things, they can lift any girls heart and make her see the world as the most beautiful thing alive. They can also turn Ladies into something else when they see someone else receive a dozen of these for no apparent reason, and it has been over a year since she had received some.

With so much influence a flower can have on a girl it is no surprise that men are willing to spend various amounts of money on something that is only going to last a few days. One tip to the ladies who are reading this, another great tactic to use on men to receive more flowers is to change their viewpoint on a few things. What are these things? Food and Entertainment.

Bring up the last time he went to the favorite steak house and spent just as much if not more on his steak, and mention to him how all food really is, is a way of entertainment. In fact this entertainment is a lot more expensive than that entertainment flowers provides, and a lot less sensible. How much did he spend for that steak? And how long did it last? Verse how much he could spend on those dozen stems off of some plant and how long they last. Comparing these two things makes the choice painstaking obvious that flowers really aren’t that expensive.

Now that you have hit the end you know the latin name for Roses is Rosa, that there are over 150 different types, used to be currency, and best of all how to get your man to buy you Roses.

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