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Primarily of genus Viola (though the African violet is not, and is so named only because of superficial resemblance), violets actually supply the name for the color instead of the other way around. Violet flowers also come in yellow, white, cream, and blue, but obviously violet violets gave the color its name. As with many names of flowers, Violet became socially acceptable as a girl’s name. This and other names of flowers peaked in popularity at the turn of the 20th century before dropping. Violet, however, is climbing again. Viola, like other scientific names, is Latin in origin.

Have you looked at Violets recently? They are amazing, that vibrant purple that shouts look at me! No matter how much time you spend on looking at this flower you can never get bored of them, it is amazing how they attract your eyes, bring your mind into them and make you just contemplate life.

Violets have become some of the most popular flowers. Especially having them as house plants, this has to be number one. Some people have been over heard about how easy it is to grow these flowers, while others have tried, and tried again yet have no luck with them. No matter which boat you are in there is one common thought, these flowers are worth having around.

The great thing about Violets is the capability you can have with them, you can have them be the background flower that creates the harmony between two flowers, or else you can have them be the center of attention with everyone admiring them. No matter which you would rather have, there is no question that these flowers belong in almost every arrangement. These flowers can appear awkward though, if you have them in the middle of a fall setting, no matter how you have them faced they are just going to appear out of place and not even pretty.

Make sure you are paying attention to the surrounding flowers when you work with Violets, you never want to make them over come the surrounding flowers or appear odd, and awkward. These flowers have great power over sight you never want to abuse power where it is given.

Not only are these flowers great for sight, but they also smell great. With them in a bouquet smelling the flowers becomes invigorating, all the little kids will want to smell the flowers with that innocent look on their face as they do. Looking up at you when you pull the flowers away and say “that smelt good” not only do these moments add to the memories you want, but they also make you realize what truly matters in life.

Just a few pointers on growing Violets. If their leaves/petals drop down they are letting you know that the conditions aren’t very favorable. To change this you will need to water them and add enough light so that they will become happy again and raise themselves to shine forth through out their lives.

Also, fertilize these plants every 2 to 4 weeks using fertilizer meant for Violets. Try and maintain temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees this is their best heat levels. There are great advantages and disadvantages to plucking the blooms from the plants, it makes the flowers more beautiful when they are dead to pluck the blooms and start over, but if you touch the blooms next to the dead ones you have a chance of making those petals discolored or droopy.

Violets can be the background flower or the main event, make sure that you know exactly which one you want them to be before you put them in your bouquet or in any of your arrangements, this is a great and beautiful flower.

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